Cascade Buffalo Ranch LLC


Retail Meat

We sell retail meat by the pound or in discounted
packages from a store on the ranch.  We accept major credit cards, check or cash. Gift certificates are available. You can order by sending an email, or by calling us at (800) 381-4779. Click here for prices.  We will contact you as soon as possible and make arrangements for product payment, pickup or delivery. You are welcome to visit our ranch, but please let us know when you plan to come so we don't miss you!


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We also sell buffalo mounts.  Prices vary, depending on the age and size of the animal.


Our hides come from mature buffalo and are obtained between November and February, while the buffalo hides are at their thickest. These winter hides range from 30-50 square feet and are priced between $500 and $1,500 plus shipping and handling.


Plain white buffalo skulls are available for $250 plus shipping and handling.  The skulls come from 2-4 year old meat bulls.